John Radgoski


Read What People Are Saying About Me

I always ask my clients to write or email me, and tell me truthfully how they appreciated my service to them. Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about me...

Al & Jill Banfe
Marlton, NJ

"Your professionalism sets you apart"

This letter hopefully will express my heart felt thanks for a job well done. Your professionalism sets you apart and was apparent from the first time we met. Anyone who thinks that the comission you receive is excessive is wrong. Have them call me, because if anything, you are underpaid given the work that you performed. Given my accident and our distance from Marlton, you pitched in and got the job done. I pride myself on being able to read people and from the moment we got together until closing the deal, you read "TOP SHELF" and I will recommend you to anyone in need of the best the industry has to offer. Thanks again.

Ron and Lisa

Above & beyond what we ever expected

John I don't know if you remember us but you helped us find our house about 7 years ago and after working with you there is no way we could go with any other real estate agent. We were first time buyers and you made the whole experience very easy. Also the amount of concern you had for finding us the best house in the best neighborhood was above and beyond what we ever expected. Before finding you we were dealing with other agents that were more like used car dealers that only wanted to sell and didn't care or listen to our concerns. The wife and I are now playing with the idea of moving to Medford (Tamorack area). We are not positive we are going to move but we are looking and if we find something we like that could make up our minds real fast. I don't want to bother you but if you could just send us listing you have in that area we will keep in touch with and hopefully find a new house. Thanks again for your help.

Lilli and Mike Finlay
Collingswood, NJ

John is a dedicated professional.

The arrival of our new baby was quickly approaching and we had very little time to consider all of the details involved with selling our home. John Radgoski handled every aspect. John began showing our home within 48 hours of listing. We highly recommend John Radgoski. His is a dedicated professional. We also purchased our new home in Medford through John."

Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Garthwaite
Medford, NJ

John Is Knowledgeable And Experienced

"We had listed our home with other realtors before we found John. He was most professional and knowledgeable about the marketing of higher priced homes and helped ease our minds when we had to relocate before it sold. When John took over, he did a great market analysis and had the potential buyers immediately. It sold within three weeks! John is most knowledgeable and experienced in this field and we would recommend his services to anyone."

Lori Ryan
Laurel Springs, NJ

John Made My Dream Come True!

"John, without you, this dream would have been impossible. I can never thank you enough for all your help and guidance. You took me under your wing as one of your own and for that I can never repay you."

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coles
Lumberton, NJ

John Will Represent You!

John, "My wife and I dealt with many agents in the two-year search for our home. We found the property we wanted and we could think of no one better to act as our Buyer-Agents than John. He represented us well in the purchase and this was not an easy task as the Seller was a former homebuilder who tried all the "tricks" to gain his best advantage. John represented us well and has remained a friend since. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone wishing the best agent possible."

Joan Johnston
RE/MAX Suburban

There are some great people out there - John being one of them!

"John receives numerous testimonials from "satisfied happy clients" and believe me, they are all speaking from the heart. No lie. I would like to add my view point of John as an agent and as a person. He is a kind and caring man and very, very good at what he does. He works for the client 24-7 and his paperwork is without reproach. He does everything correctly and without question and nothing is too much trouble if there is a problem. I have worked for many people in my career as Office Manager in various offices, and I have, for many people in my career as office manager in various offices, and I have to say in this world of sloppiness and uncaring people, John gives me hope that yes, indeed, there are some great people out there - John being one of them!